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What is IVF Genetic?

This is the combination of IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) and PGT-A (Preimplantation Genetic Testing-Aneuploidy). Although both techniques have been used for years, IVI currently offers advantageous terms in an effort to secure, even more if possible, the best results resulting in healthy live births. Thanks to the chromosomal screening, the IVF GENETIC treatment increases the success rates per embryo transfer and it consequently increases the chances of having a healthy baby.

Your safety is our commitment: safe way to achieve a quicker pregnancy and safe way to have a healthy baby.

Advantages of IVF Genetic vs conventional IVF

In what cases is it indicated?

Semen from the partner

  • Patients for whom previous simpler treatments, such as artificial insemination, have failed.
  • Women with an absence of or lesions on the Fallopian tubes. These are important for natural fertilisation or artificial insemination.
  • Women suffering from advanced endometriosis, with probable repercussions on the tubes and on oocyte quality.
  • Situations in which a limited number of oocytes are available.
  • Cases of severe male factor infertility.
Donated semen

  • Severe male factor infertility, with poor sperm quality.
  • Previous fertilisation failure using semen from the couple.
  • Poor embryo quality or repeated implantation failure in cases in which the main cause is suspected to be a male factor.
  • Men who are carriers of a genetic disease which cannot be studied in the embryos.
  • Women who do not have a male partner.

In 26 years, the IVI Group has helped more than 160,000 dreams come true.


97% of our patients said they would recommend IVI. We work with you at every stage of the treatment, providing support and care.


IVI has a worldwide reputation for innovative research and has developed and patented pioneering techniques and technologies.


IVI is one of the largest fertility providers in the world, with over 70 clinics in 13 countries.


Our fertility clinics offer a personalized diagnosis and a safe procedure to achieve the birth of a healthy baby.

Ovarian stimulation

Oocyte retrieval and laboratory

Punción y laboratorio

Oocyte fertilization

Embryo culture and PGT-A

Cultivo embrionario en el laboratorio

Embryo transfer

Vitrification of surplus embryos

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